Monday, May 23, 2011

05/23/2011 Update

Well, I dont have too much to say today. I have acquired the ultra light steady tracker which is quite a nice toy. It is manufactured by Cobra Crane and it stabilizes your shot which can let you run with camera in hand and provide steady footage as well as smooth pans. you can order one directly through the company for about roughly $200 I am quite impressed by it and I thought id share a video I shot of me running down the street on an incline. I also have included some pictures of the steady tracker itself


Click here to check out the Video Using Steady Tracker


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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow its been like 3 months and we have not done shit!! why does it always seem like im reporting that we are doing nothing?! ha ha! well I wanted to post an update. I am investing in some more equipment for our productions and ill post pics as we obtain things. Since we have no material for you we shall be posting little tidbit projects we were in the process of working on. is it going to excite you? prob not but it will make me feel better. shelling out money for essentially nothing!! well hopefully production will pick up soon and we will be back in full swing! Stay tuned!

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