Thursday, December 23, 2010


Happy Holidays! Its been awhile since we have had any updates. I wanted to do an update before the new year started. We are working on some things to hopefully get out to you soon. There are alot of upgrades being made and other things going on behind the scenes. You may have noticed that our “Recent Videos” bar is not exactly recent. There are things on our YouTube Channel that are not reflected on the site. I am to blame because I have been lazy and very busy. I wanted to share something in this update I have been working on. If you are not a major production company your limited on resources. You have a scene where you would like a cop car. well I highly doubt that your local PD is going to let you take a car out for a spin. I however refuse to be cop car less! I have been working on using models instead of CGI because our CGI resources at the moment are well non-existent. We are working on fixing that though. whoops cats out of the bag now! I will be including a final rough render of my test. Its not perfect but its something to start with. This test presented a unique set of challenges. I used a camera to get a close up image of the model cop car I have. I used a still picture in order to film this scene but the whole point of getting a model was to have the ability to film in a 3d capacity and not a 2d. I did not have the appropriate footage to match a 3d perspective so i went with what I had. below is the picture i used in my composition.

using that image I was able to create a this Composition

Also as an added bonus I have attached a trailer made with a mock production company intro promoting Snoop Dogg GPS2. Although most of the scenes don’t even happen in the 2nd installment and the production on Snoop Dogg GPS2 has been halted I have decided to share it with you. Happy Holidays! 😀

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