Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Long time since We have done an update. We have been on quite a hiatus. I am hoping to have more project done but I have a special announcement. Blindfire Video is no longer Blindfire Video. Due to Blindfire trying to consolidate all production under one brand, we have made the decision to rebrand the Blindfire name. Our new name will be Blindfire Entertainment. In coming week. (hopefully not months) We will have launched a new site at http://www.blindfireentertainment.com. Once the site is fully operational all traffic from blindfirevideo.com will be redirected to blindfireentertainment.com. Thank you for your support and viewship. We will have a new revamped website and new logos reflecting the brand name change. Exciting! Well I was excited anyways.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

02/18/2013 – | New Design, well sort of…. |

Well I suppose it is about time I start doing some work again to the forgotten site and company. Had a busy few years, and participants for skits have vanished. I took a long look at the direction and I have decided to take a deeper turn into VFX (Visual Effects for those not hip to the industry slang). I have been working on projects here and there took a deeper look into CGI and I have been working on side projects here and there. I promised awhile back to make some progress and I have not done so. I will try to make it worth the wait….if there is actually anyone waiting. I hope you like the new logo and I hope to have more to come.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Cars! OH MY!

hummm…… OK, the title did not go as smooth as it sounded when I came up with the idea. Since Snoop Dogg GPS2 has halted production I have decided to share a cool effect we had set up for a night time scene on the film. it is Eric getting run over by a car. we filmed this in daylight so there were some obvious challenges in post I decided to go with a light blue to simulate night. not your conventional way but oh well. I will be putting together a video discussing the stunt and what mishaps we faced when filming. keep your eyes peeled!

Look both ways before crossing children.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Snoop Dogg GPS hits 20,000 views on Youtube

Well its official! Snoop Dogg GPS has hit 20,000 views on YouTube. OK, well the exact number is 20,400. Now this may not seem like a large accomplishment to some but as an independent company with at the time limited equipment, editing knowledge, and resources it gives me great pride to see those types of numbers. We will be trying to ressurect maybe a Snoop Dogg GPS 2. I am not sure on that because the original script written by Nathaniel Price was scrapped and we discussed a re-write were we felt it was lacking. Hopefully we will get more things out soon. There is a skit that is written and hopefully we will get it out some time this year ha ha! but we may also be shooting a music video which we will also post. who knows if you like it maybe we can shoot your music video! yes you because I am assuming that since everyone thinks they are a rapper these days im sure you atleast have a mixtape out? anyways thanks for the continued support and keep checking back in with us. If for some strange reason you have not seen Snoop Dogg GPS please check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU6tvEf1SnQ

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Monday, May 23, 2011

05/23/2011 Update

Well, I dont have too much to say today. I have acquired the ultra light steady tracker which is quite a nice toy. It is manufactured by Cobra Crane and it stabilizes your shot which can let you run with camera in hand and provide steady footage as well as smooth pans. you can order one directly through the company for about roughly $200 I am quite impressed by it and I thought id share a video I shot of me running down the street on an incline. I also have included some pictures of the steady tracker itself


Click here to check out the Video Using Steady Tracker


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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow its been like 3 months and we have not done shit!! why does it always seem like im reporting that we are doing nothing?! ha ha! well I wanted to post an update. I am investing in some more equipment for our productions and ill post pics as we obtain things. Since we have no material for you we shall be posting little tidbit projects we were in the process of working on. is it going to excite you? prob not but it will make me feel better. shelling out money for essentially nothing!! well hopefully production will pick up soon and we will be back in full swing! Stay tuned!

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Friday, February 4, 2011


Its been awhile since we have been up and getting skits done. arent you sick of the excuses? lol so are we! we just god the new version of Adobe CS5! always exciting! and even though it hit the budget pretty hard well worth it! Now since we made the investment I suppose we should get to work. keep an eye out!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow! Finally 2011! Time flies huh? To start off the new year we have made some changes to our studio. I have attached some pics for your enjoyment. We are having some issues getting skits accomplished as of late something that will hopefully be rectified soon. I have attached some pictures of our little studio for your viewing pleasure. Ignore the dirt on the other walls we got lazy during the painting process and cut corners. ha ha!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Happy Holidays! Its been awhile since we have had any updates. I wanted to do an update before the new year started. We are working on some things to hopefully get out to you soon. There are alot of upgrades being made and other things going on behind the scenes. You may have noticed that our “Recent Videos” bar is not exactly recent. There are things on our YouTube Channel that are not reflected on the site. I am to blame because I have been lazy and very busy. I wanted to share something in this update I have been working on. If you are not a major production company your limited on resources. You have a scene where you would like a cop car. well I highly doubt that your local PD is going to let you take a car out for a spin. I however refuse to be cop car less! I have been working on using models instead of CGI because our CGI resources at the moment are well non-existent. We are working on fixing that though. whoops cats out of the bag now! I will be including a final rough render of my test. Its not perfect but its something to start with. This test presented a unique set of challenges. I used a camera to get a close up image of the model cop car I have. I used a still picture in order to film this scene but the whole point of getting a model was to have the ability to film in a 3d capacity and not a 2d. I did not have the appropriate footage to match a 3d perspective so i went with what I had. below is the picture i used in my composition.

using that image I was able to create a this Composition

Also as an added bonus I have attached a trailer made with a mock production company intro promoting Snoop Dogg GPS2. Although most of the scenes don’t even happen in the 2nd installment and the production on Snoop Dogg GPS2 has been halted I have decided to share it with you. Happy Holidays! 😀

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well, its been awhile and we have been working on a few things behind the scenes. structure changes were promised and are being implemented. todays updates include how you view our videos. We will no longer be uploading videos to two separate areas. We have come to the decision that youtube will be the current host for our videos. We will still have videos on the site that will be exclusive to blindfire video such as outtakes and hopefully some other exciting things in the future. keep checking back for updates.

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